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ONTOZRY® is generally well tolerated

*In patients who had focal-onset epilepsy uncontrolled despite a history of treatment with 2-4 ASMs (median 3, range 2-4), and receiving standard of care (SOC): 1-3 concomitant ASMs (2-3 in 74% [n=322/437] of patients) at stable doses for at least four weeks prior to screening and throughout study. Reduction in seizure frequency was measured from baseline during a 12-week maintenance phase; this was the mITT maintenance phase population (all randomly assigned patients who had taken at least one dose of study drug in the 12-week maintenance phase and had maintenance phase seizure data). All p-values vs placebo.1

ASM = anti-seizure medication, mITT = modified intention-to-treat, SOC = standard of care


1. Krauss GL, et al. Lancet Neurol. 2020;19(1):38-48.

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