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In this series of podcasts, experts within the neurology field talk about some of the patients they’ve met and treated over the years, highlighting interesting and sometimes unusual aspects of the clinical care of people with epilepsy.

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Professor Rohit Shankar

Podcast 1

Prof. Shankar talks about patients living with an intellectual disability*, focusing on the difficulties of ensuring a good quality of life for this population, and illustrating how a wider understanding of each patient’s individual circumstances can greatly improve decision-making.

This podcast has been developed and funded by Arvelle. The views expressed by Professor Shankar in this podcast are based on his own clinical experience.

*Lower intellectual ability (usually an IQ of less than 70), significant impairment of social or adaptive functioning, and onset in childhood.1

1. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2015. Challenging behaviour and learning disabilities: prevention and interventions for people with learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges. NICE Guideline 11. Available at Accessed October 2021. © NICE 2021. All rights reserved. Subject to Notice of rights ( notice-of-rights).

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